A Statement from the Artists

Ron and Sandy Gibian

Ron and Sandra Gibian

Born on February 22, 1951 in Santiago Chile, South America.

Having very creative parents has been a lifetime gift for me. Father a well-known commercial artist and graphic designer. Mother a well established fashion designer at that time.

During my childhood I was always exposed to articles of beauty, particularly in our homes. I was always near my father's tilt drawing table and never far from sketch paper and pencils.

The music business and arts entered a period of my life from teenage years until 1976. However, in recent years I have directed all my energies to visual arts, mainly ripstop nylon as a medium. Kites, tethered art and sky sculptures are one in the same to me.

Natural life ... animals, insects, birds and creatures of the reef have all been subject matter and sources of inspiration for most of our pictorial kites. Articles and objects that I cross paths with will trigger thoughts and ideas for interesting graphics. I try not to analyze things too much. I simply do them because they feel right. All this has brought a tremendous sense of balance, peace and harmony to our lives.

My own aesthetic has somehow evolved out of this grab bag of inspiration. I feel strongly about the importance of objects that speak to us, inspire, excite, provoke, confront or in some way enrich us. This is the level of communication that I aspire to in my work which is a constant challenge.

Behind all great works they say there is a greater woman. Sandra has been the catalyst of all my dreams, has worked endless hours and has had tremendous input in many of the designs we have created. But most of all, she has been tolerant of the many moods that surround creativity. We both feel fortunate to have won many awards, not only here in the U.S. but abroad as well. We have been featured in many magazines, newspapers and television throughput the world. We have traveled to fly kites in 14 countries so far. We have also enjoyed doing workshops in many places here in the U.S. and in Great Britain.

Experimenting with many forms of kites has been the standard. From whimsical figure kites in the shape of bugs, swimming goldfish, and flying birds to appliqued images and graphics on unusual shapes to the cellular or three-dimensional kites that show themselves as fabric sculptures and engineering wonders. It is our hope that no matter what forms they take, they always create a great aerial display or can be used indoors to decorate and beautify a home or office. But most of all, just simply put a smile on someone's face. It is also our hope that you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed realizing them.

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